Leisur Hive, in their final incarnation, were Daniel Knowler, Maria Vellanz, Robert Allen and Mark Bishop.

Formed in South London in 1995 by Daniel Knowler and Maria Vellanz, Leisur Hive (originally named Leisurehive) began as a primitive post-punk influenced band. Their sound and line-up shifted gradually over the years into something far more idiosyncratic and unique, absorbing elements of noise-rock, experimental electronic music and post-rock.

From 1995 until 2008 Leisur Hive released four albums, several EPs and singles and many exclusive compilation tracks and embarked on several short European tours.

In 2008 they released their final recorded work, 'The Soft Column' and, after a particularly triumphant live show in Warsaw, Poland, decided to let Leisur Hive hibernate indefinitely.

Daniel and Robert formed The Infinite Three - a band which is still very active and busy. Maria left London to care for the needy and Mark became the in-house sound engineer for Universal Records. Daniel also spent a few years as a member of Cindytalk.

Daniel and Maria have since worked together as the noise-rock duo Bent Husbands and a new album by The Infinite Three is due for release this year.

We all have many happy memories of our adventures in Leisur Hive and we are proud to have been able to share our music with you. If anyone has any gig photos, live recordings or other memorabilia, please do drop us a line here.